Customizations & Plugin Development

Content management systems (CMS) are essential for building highly effective websites that cater to the specific needs of your audience. However, few CMS give you everything you need right out of the box. In order to really maximize the user experience for your visitors and give them the rich content that they are looking for, you might have to perform a considerable degree of customization and utilize a few plug-insufficient besides.

At NewroSoftMods, we are well-versed in virtually every aspect of CMS customization and development, and we can even help you decide on the best plug-ins that will allow you to achieve your business goals. With our wide range of custom plug-ins and CMS solutions, we can help you break free from the constraints of a ready-made system and develop a site that offers your visitors a unique and relevant experience.

One of the essential services that NewroSoftMods offers is PHPFox customization. We employ a team of highly qualified developers that can customize the PhpFox platform according to your specific needs. From conceptualization to actual development, the NewroSoftMods team of professionals will work closely with you to ensure that your site works just the way you want it to.

NewroSoftMods also offers an array of WordPress customization services, with a highly-skilled and competent development team that can handle anything and everything from custom theme and template design to post-type integration. We can also set up an ecommerce site for you from scratch, and help you take advantage of all the developments in responsive web design.

Joomla and Drupal are other areas in which we specialize, and we can develop all the plug-ins, modules, widgets and components that you need to make visiting your site a more enriching experience. Get in touch with NewroSoftMods today, and we can use our extensive expertise in helping you make your site the best that it could possibly be.


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