Native Mobile Apps vs Hybrid Mobile apps

Nowadays, mobile is the name of the game, and companies everywhere are sitting up and taking notice. Virtually non-existent only a little over a decade ago, the mobile market has grown into an immense and multifaceted creature, and has definitely become a force to be reckoned with.

The choice that most developers and business owners have to face nowadays is whether to go for native, HTML5, or hybrid mobile applications. Each of these has its own strengths and weaknesses, and a careful assessment of your company’s requirements will help you determine which one is the best option for you. Here’s a rundown of the different types and what benefits they offer.

Native Mobile Applications
Native apps are designed for specific mobile platforms, which may either be iOS or Android.
In general, native apps are easer and simpler to use, and they provide a more transparent user experience. Native applications also provide the widest range of useful features, and they offer certain functionalities that aren’t available in other types of apps. For example, multi touch capability is generally available only with native apps. You also get more fluid and faster graphics performance with native apps, and generally seamless performance throughout. For a more straightforward user experience, native apps are pretty hard to beat.

HTML5 Mobile Applications
HTML5 mobile apps are basically standard web based technologies ported over to the mobile platform. In fact, such apps utilize the standard languages used in web development including HTML5, JavaScript and CSS. In contrast to native applications that basically require specialized code for each specific device, HTML5 is basically “write-once-run-anywhere” technology that can be adapted to many different devices. Since HTML5 mobile apps are essentially web pages, there is a lot more flexibility with regard to how many devices can be used to access them. Any content that is accessible via an HTML5 mobile application is also available on the Web, which is a definite advantage in terms of easier access and availability to customers.

Despite their flexibility and versatility, HTML5 mobile applications provide a less seamless experience than that which is characteristic of native mobile applications. Compound gestures are more difficult to implement for example, and there is less direct integration with features of the particular mobile device. Nevertheless, new strides are being made in HTML5 mobile application development all the time. While native applications will continue to have the advantage in software and hardware integration, newer HTML5 applications will eventually provide a more seamless and integrated user experience in the future.

Hybrid Mobile Applications
As for hybrid applications, these basically combine the best elements of native applications and HTML5 applications. They basically utilize HTML5 or JavaScript technology for the design of the core applications and wrap it into a native container, allowing it to interface with the hardware of a specific mobile device.

The key advantage of hybrid applications is that they can combine all the standard web-based design technologies and utilize them in devices that would normally require strictly defined native code. With hybrid mobile applications, developers truly get the best of both worlds in terms of being able to design an application that works with a wide variety of devices and be able to access specific device features. Additionally, hybrid applications offer comparable graphics performance to native applications, and such applications can be used even when the device is offline.

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