Mobile Social Networks

Social networks aren't just for the desktop anymore. In fact, a huge percentage of Facebook and Twitter users first discovered social networking via the mobile platform, and some are completely–and happily–mobile-based, without missing out on the desktop experience at all. This new breed of social network users is growing by the thousands every day, and you will have to acknowledge this market if you want your business to stay ahead of the curve.

Nowadays, it is absolutely essential for a business to cater to the needs of the growing mobile market. Scores of users are accessing social networking sites via mobile devices without stepping foot anywhere near a computer. If you ignore the developments in the mobile industry, you risk alienating these mobile-only customers, and even losing touch with them entirely.

The mobile social network industry is currently experiencing a period of unprecedented growth. Today, mobile social network users in the United States average nearly 3 hours a day on mobile social network sites, connecting with other mobile Internet users. In fact, 91% of all social network usage nowadays involves mobile devices versus 79% that involves desktops. Mobile social networks are also growing at a much faster rate than web-based social networks. It is estimated that by 2014, there will be significantly more mobile Internet users than desktop Internet users.

At NewroSoftMods, we are prepared to provide you with a mobile-friendly solution that will help you stake your claim in this burgeoning market. With a host of effective mobile ready solutions that can help you precisely target the mobile market, NewroSoftMods can be an essential ally in helping you stake out your own turf in the mobile world. Over the next few years, the mobile web is poised for even more expansion, and NewroSoftMods can help prepare your company for when it happens.


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